concrete sidewalk repair - unique alternative to replacing

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What is Concrete Lifting?

Concrete lifting also known as Concrete Mudjacking, is a great solution for concrete repair. Concrete lifting saves up to HALF the cost of replacing your concrete. With concrete mudjacking there is no need to tear-out existing concrete and re-do landscaping. You can be walking on your raised concrete in HOURS, not days!

How is Concrete Lifting Done?

Small holes are drilled into the concrete slabs. A limestone and water mixture (mud) is pumped under pressure thru these holes. Once the void is filled, the mud becomes pressurized and hydraulically raises the slab to the desired height. The holes are then patched with cement.

The finished result is a concrete surface that is level and straight, and free of hazards associated with uneven concrete.

What is Concrete Mudjacking?

"Mud jacking" refers to the fact that the mud jacks or lifts the slab into place in this procedure used to repair concrete slabs that have settled or cracked. During the process of filling a void beneath your concrete slab with mud, the slab is jacked up to the desired level.

What are the benefits of Concrete Lifting?

  • It can be walked or driven on almost immediately.
  • Adjacent landscaping and plantings are unaffected.
  • Clean and quick process.
  • Works great for remote and hard access areas.
  • Reduces down time for business and roads.
  • Controlled lifting to desired grades.
  • Very cost effective.